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Rehearsal report

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A Rehearsal Report is a form created by a stage manager which records notes which arise during a rehearsal and affect other production departments (e.g. Sound, set and light notes). In addition the rehearsal report serves as a record of starting and ending times for a rehearsal, lateness of actors and staff and other incidentals.


Rehearsal reports are generally filled out before and after the actual rehearsal. Before the rehearsal officially begins the report should have the names of actors needed for the scenes and any notes about excused absences/tardies. It should also contain the date, rehearsal number, and the time that the rehearsal was to have started - as well as the actual starting time. After rehearsal, the Stage Manager should record all the production notes that the director makes on the report.

Rehearsal Reports should be given to the heads of all departments and posted in a designated area for the actors and production team as soon as possible.


The sections featured on a rehearsal report vary from form to form, but generally they all have a section for costumes, lights, properties, scenery, fittings, sound, schedule, and actors. There should also be a space to record the rehearsal date, location, and number. The rehearsal report should also have the name of the production and stage manager in charge of that particular rehearsal.


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